1. How would you categorize someone like Olivia Rodrigo? Some is pop or pop-rock. But some of her music rocks pretty hard.

  2. Interesting read! Rock music had a span of influence that lasted half a century, there’s only so much you can do with a singer, two guitars, a bass, drums and the occasional keyboard. I am 60 y.o, I’ve been through Rock music culture in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and when internet started I knew the days of our culture were, for want of a better word, threatened. For the first time in my life, my generation was irrelevant, isn’t that the doom of every generation? except for the boomers of course, our generation was the most numerous of the 20th century and we REALLY thought we were going to change the world through Rock and roll music, which we almost did! we contributed to the ( thankful ) fall of Nixon, the fall of the Berlin wall too…but in the end we failed, due to a lack of energy, we had become “comfortably numb” and self obsessed and feeling important educating our children with Rock music. That’s exactly what I did. Today one of my sons regularly plays gigs with his metal bands ( I hate metal, it’s no doubt the most obscene parody of Rock!) and the other one is a DJ playing mostly EDM ( very stoned most of the time ). I respect music ( ieven when I don’t enjoy it ) when it is played by real people on real instruments, there’s taht ORGANIC feel that can’t be felt with computer generated music. I appreciate that each age group needs to dissociate from the previous ones, and that’s what happened to Rock music culture. In 1977, we lost the King, in DEC 1980 we lost John Lennon, and BoB Marley 6 months later. The mid 80s were an all time low for our music, thanks to MTV, image had taken precedence over music, that’s why most 80s stuff now sounds dated when 70s stuff still sound fresh. Obviously there was excellent music in the 80s too, but it was sterile, Phil Collins ( the undertaker of great music ) ruled with synthpop and ( sacrilege ) drum machines. We were very lucky to live through these times, they will NOT come back. Why? because time goes forward. Thanks for reading.

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