1. Douglas, why did Snow White hate the evil queen? Because queens was one bad apple. I was getting Taylor some fans and I thought of you. Alfred Hitchcock Presents “The Master’s Finest Villains.” 10 Professor Jordan. 9 Alexander Sebastian, 8 Bruno Antony, 7 Uncle Charlie, 6 The Birds, 5 Tony Wendice, 4 Phillip Vandamm, 3 Lars Thorwood, 2 Mrs. Danvers, 1 Norman Bates. Thanks for watching. XOXO Tarren 1931.

  2. Douglas, why didn’t the chicken cross the road? KFC. Peace Out and Stay on the money. Sis Meaghan loves you. Tarren 1931.

  3. Douglas, why did the dinosaurs cross the road? The chicken didn’t exist yet. (Neither did the road). XOXO Tarren (1931)

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