1. I’m so glad he put Megadeth at number 1. They (Dave Mustaine) doesn’t get enough credit for his genius. Only true Megadeth fans know.

    2. no Maiden? Motorhead?Deep Purple? UFO ?this dude sure didn’t pick the best metal bands ever . sure Sabbath;Priest ;Slayer, Pantera and megadeth but Dokken? they were good because of George Lynch’ s playing other than that they were mediocre. WASP was more metal . And I like Accept but Scorpions were and still Germany; best metal band

  1. Dokken before Slayer, Megadeth #1 & Metallica not even on the list. Hmmm
    1. Black Sabbath
    2. Metallica (specifically the first 4-5 albums)
    3. Pantera
    4. Slayer
    5. Megadeth
    6. Sepultura
    7. Iron Maiden
    8. Judas Priest
    9. Gojira
    10. Motorhead
    Honorable mention: Testament

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