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  1. I care if people change their gender. I care if their queer. I love MUSIC and my favorite bands which is ever growing.
    As y’all lbgt folk INSIST THE WORLD KNOW and embrace YOUR SEX PRACTICES and gender changes with PRIDE, I too will proudly speak my opinion to you. You’ll embrace it as you expect me to embrace your words! My SEX is NOT RELEVANT in public discussions. But for you, I’m hetero. The gender I was born into. Fine with it all. There is no purpose as a musical artist to TELL YOUR FANS ABOUT YOUR personal and sexual freaky shit! We like your music. We love you for rocking our world with it! That’s all we need from you, you good music! What a great feeling being a well loved band! Wtf makes you think your SEX ACTS interest us? It DOESN’T! You DIRTY your image and talent and purpose as artists! I lose respect
    INSTANTLY. A couple bands I quit! Your queerness, perversions, alterations and transitions distract my admiration of your talent. You then become “a tranny’s no longer an artist. You people literally sabotage yourselves by desperately forcing personal shit we didn’t want to know down our throats! Don’t you get that? Your trannyness overrides your artistry. So I end up disappointed in the cool band, who’s sex seems more relevant to YOU than music. I am always disappointed when a band has to inform us when they DON’T! I’d rather NOT KNOW. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW AND WHO YOU FUCK. It has literally NOTHING to do with anyone or anything except your sexual partners. The world does not need or want to know. Be grateful we like your music! Be pervs! Most on earth do not feel the planet must know how and whom they bang! It’s private. Personal. Please stop talking about your perversions. Be a perv! Just do it privately like the rest of the civilized world. It makes me hate your kind. You ruin my musical choices by placing ugly visions in my head! Keep your sex and your career separate. Just a piece of EXCELLENT ADVISE for all y’all perverts. The less we know, the better off we are. Sex is just sex. Stop making it more relevant than it is. Your music should be number one for a talented, successful band. Be grateful and stop pushing the envelope! Like BLM, is actually CAUSING conflict. LGBT are CAUSING disgust and conflict. Screwing anyone and having your bodies massacred by scalpels and pharma is normal. It’s deviant. You’ll gain NOTHING this way. Heteros and traditional people still live on this planet too! Personally your perversions (exactly what they are!) disgust the fuck out of me! Can’t y’all just keep that nasty, dirty stuff to yourselves ? Try. I’m getting fucking pissed off! Leave your weird sex out of music! Don’t dirty EVERY ASPECT of normalcy. Don’t take my lovely music from me with your ugly perv shit. Be a loved and appreciated band or go into pornography and leave the music for those who place music before sex! I wish you would just shut the fuck up and just play! You tranny’s destroy EVERYTHING! PLEASE SHUT UP.

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